Are you sure you are ready? The test can only be taken once so make sure the following conditions are met before proceeding.

  • I am alone
  • I am calm
  • I am substance free
  • I have a pair of headphones
  • I am open to learning about myself in a new way

    Your answers are never stored and will remain completely confidential. Only your result matters.

  • I know myself
    I find it difficult to introduce myself to people

    I get so lost in my thoughts I ignore or forget my surroundings

    I choose my friends carefully

    I would rather improvise than spend time coming up with a detailed plan

    I do not feel like I'm living up to my potential and sometimes I'm overwhelmed with the realization that I will never change

    I am religious or spiritual

    Sometimes my partying gets out of control, resulting in blackouts, loss of memory, or stories that leave me feeling shame.

    There’s an out of control streetcar speeding towards four trapped pedestrians. One man is crossing the street without looking, his head buried in his phone. If hit by the runaway streetcar, I'm confident it will stop and save the other four pedestrians. I let him get hit by the streetcar.
    He looks up from his phone and does not cross. I would push him into the path of the streetcar to save those four trapped pedestrians.
    I would push my friend or lover into the street to save the four strangers
    I would sacrifice the four strangers to save my lover or friend
    It is hard to make me speechless

    I find sex

    I find this the most terrifying

    Please transcribe the following audio
    It will repeat a total of three (3) times. The current audio will not be turned off, try your best to decipher it.
    I experience déjà-vu

    I think about my own death, or the death of my loved ones

    How did this test make you feel?

    Did you lie at all during this test?
    Did we lie to you?

    Your Result Card
    You Have Completed the Garun Institute Aptitude Test
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